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Our Mission

Help our clients and their customers to see the world though a single lens and share in the benefits.

Starting in 2019, we  plan to support up to 4 startups annually with free  planning, hosted website, initial SEO and everything needed to get started  on a Digital Journey. 


about us.

The business has a long history in Internet Commerce from designing search engines, Bots and Artificial Intelligence/NLP to Digital Product Management and driving Digital Transformation at some of the worlds biggest and best. IBM, GE, BBC, SKY, Carnival, Pearson, COI and many more plus helping Local Businesses and Start-ups to stand strong next to their bigger brothers.
The focus nowadays is totally on driving targeted customers, converting them efficiently and retaining or cross-selling to them.  We no longer develop websites or write code, but we can provide a “Done-for-you” web marketing platform with everything form CMS to Automated Marketing in a single cloud solution for startups and those with too much to do to make their existing web infrastructure fit for purpose.

The benefit of having a specialist on your side is that is you can expect to compete at the cutting edge rather than as a me-too contestant. The benefit of a generalist is that one win doesn’t bring about another loss.



Some core offerings.

Don't be mislead, we tailor every engagement to your precise needs and priorities after in-depth consultation. These are examples of classic needs we are frequently asked to help with. Often the answer is a mix of many things.
An approach that is growing in popularity is DIY. Retain us for strategy tools and support plus the things you are not so good at. The rest you do yourself.

Review Marketing strategy, advertising and SEO, then plan and execute measures to improve quality and quantity of visits.

UX Design

Understand how the customers perceive us and their intent then make it easier for them to engage, or make a purchase.

Conversion Funnels

Build key funnels with content, events, or actions to improve conversions from visitor to lead or customer.

Pay Per Click

Review results, conversion and ROI from paid advertising and devise more efficient approaches with improved ROI and/or revenue.

Done for you

Your complete digital strategy; website, hosting, design, content, SEO, PPC, PR, Social Media all for a fixed monthly fee. No capital investment.

Reputation Management

Build your reputation with Google first through citations etc. Then we monitor for every mention and review on the web, handling negativity and encouraging more positive reviews.

Local SEO

We can provide a fast efficient service to capture the local customers ahead of your rivals when they search for a service like yours. Definitely the best value available today.

Strategy Only

We help you develop a strategy and metrics, then we step back and let you, or another supplier get on with it, only reviewing quarterly or as required.

Strategy, Mentoring and DIY

We help you develop the strategy, we provide training as needed and support you to do it yourself and develop the capability in-house.


Our team.

We have a broad based team spanning three time zones, the UK, US and India with plans for a further facility in Ireland



Head of PR


Lead Web Developer

SEO consultant

Advertising strategy and much more


Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


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Startups supported

in more detail

We are not a development firm struggling with English, nor an Ad agency struggling with technology. Our team are knowledgeable and passionate about digital as well as about what makes customers tick, I mean really tick as in "Good night's sleep, not insurance", as "in another box ticked", not best price. To make this work, really work, you need the ability to develop deep insight and the technical savvy to make websites play nice with customers and give up information to managers.
That is why you will achieve more with with NV8v consulting and support.

Partnering first

We know it can be annoying having to go back over startegy again, especially when some of it is by nature hypothetical, but this puts both of us in the same place with a shared goal and it drives the best possible outcomes


Data driven

The second order of business is to get the right data integrations in place so we have the information we need to test our ideas and make the best possible decisions based on evidence rather than guesswork. Often we will want to talk to real customers too.  The best results are driven by data combined with instinct and experience.



Essentials first then priorities for best expected return.
Constant correct testing and monitoring is key to good results. Getting to understand the customer experience and motivations is key. Regular reviews are important.


Major review

Some aspects of Digital marketing and SEO are ongoing because customers, the environment and products change constantly, but it is not a given that you need the same effort on an ongoing basis. If the job is done, we will tell you so. If it needs less work there is a chance to cut costs. We will sit and consider the business case again and decide what next.


Pricing Table.

Packages are indicative, ultimately every engagement is based on what you need and your priorities. No contracts are normally in place and monthly arrangements can be terminated at any time.
Local SEO

If you rely on attracting local customers, this is the best move of 2019.

£ 375

for 3 months

Correct entry on Google My Business

All important local directory entries fixed or entered for the first time.

Reviews requested from loyal customers and bad reviews repaired

Respected  back links and citations

Social Media Managed and a monthly post

Respected   blogger recommendations

♦ Outcomes
In most situations we expect you to reach the top 5 on Google Local search page 1 in a three to six month time frame. Occasionally  a very competitive niche might test us.
This puts you in front of every local potential customer with a 60% chance of being called or visited within the day.

*   Save 15% by paying the three months in advance. That is normally enough time achieve a solid improvement and represents the best value anywhere on the internet for genuine SEO services.

Reputation Management

Selling to the public, you need online reputation to succeed. The benefits are endless.


Per Month

Scan and report  Clear situation analysis

Repair and outbalance  negative or poor reviews.

Blogger outreach one per month

 Gain new positive reviews monthly.

Monitor and respond  all social media and other mentions to maximise reputation.

Post twice monthly and place selective retweets and likes

♦ Outcomes 
Usually we can:
Achieve 5 star rating within 3 months usually and maintain it, resulting in substantial increase in calls and visits as well as purchases.
Improved rankings in Organic search, cheaper Pay Per Click advertising and  easier recruitment of staff etc. Substantial revenue improvement once everything is in place.

Commercial Niche

Competing at the top you need everything  just right. This package can be designed to give you just what you need.


Per Month

Scanning & alerts
Security, SEO attacks, reputation attacks and bad reviews, broken/slow pages.

Strategy review continuously.

Reputation Management  Maintain and grow online rpeputation

Competitive monitoring  Keep ahead or preempt competitors

Blogger Outreach regular posts by respected bloggers

Maintain and grow backlinks

Fresh web content on a regular schedule.

Social media posts, response, retweets, likes on a schedule.

Product Content edited, SEO aligned, seeded, linked etc

Research and engagement UX, customer personas, Journeys constantly reviewed

Conversion Funnels designed and refined through constant analysis and testing

Reporting Data collection, analysis, review

♦ Can be designed and revised to provide whatever outcomes you want or fit your budget.



We have also had people who believe anyone couold have done it and we cost too much. That's life. We also have projects where it takes hard work and bright ideas jsut to stay in one place, but we know that one day an opportunity will presnt itself and . . .

We always get great value whether a strategy for a new project, fixing a conversions issue, or monitoring our competitive position. They work well with our other suppliers and teams and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Stuart McGuigan

CIO Johnson & Johnson

It’s a big achievement to have turned this around in such a short space of time – the technical, procurement and project management challenges have been significant.
We’ve had over 16k entrants already, which is fantastic.
The successful launch points to some great collaboration and hard work across multiple teams – well done.

Aaron Scullion

Head of Product BBC


Why Select Us?

We listen we tailor our work to your priorities and we focus on outcomes

At the centre of every engagement is your business goals and our plans for achieving them.

Reviews and

You don’t buy a package of activities with quantities, but gain a partner. Constant review and willingness to change is a given.

Marketing and

Gaining attention and converting that to action requires more than prose or “cool stuff”.  We bring a little extra to the table.

know how

Within the team we have people who can overcome most technical issues and who understand integration challenges, something vital if you don’t have in-house developers.


Fifteen years dedicated to the WWW, Natural Language Processing, Search and Online Behaviour makes a difference when faced with tough search challenges.


Our reputation spans local businesses to SMEs to Central and Local Government and the Security Services. We are used to accepting trust and measuring up.

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