Telesales Professionals for Lead Generation.

About the industry:
As businesses. we are still in the middle of a dramatic shift in how we do business and even how we get our shopping, call a taxi, or get a takeaway. By now most of us are using our phone and PC to organise our lives, but outside of global giants and the new Internet firms like Amazon, 60% of businesses are not using the internet at all, 30% plus don’t even have a website and realistically 95% of websites are inadequate. Even the most effective businesses recognise the constant challenge of staying abreast of the speed of change,  picking the best ways to promote their business and products and to sell to their customers. Many, especially outside of the capitals have not even started.
Despite all that, Digital advertising spend finally outdid Traditional advertising in 2018 and is growing rapidly. There is an insatiable demand for professionals in this field and a big future for those who become expert and make it their career.


The Job

Ideally you will have knowledge of these areas, it will be sufficient for you to absorb basic training and be able to hold a discussion with potential clients, but you definitely do not need expertise and we would consider training someone with the right person to person skills and a genuine interest in learning.
Just now we would not be able to take on a raw beginner, you need to have a track record of calling potential customers and qualifying them or booking appointments.

There are two types of opportunity available: Entirely telephone based and someone who gradually spends more time preparing pitches and helping to present them to the customer with an eye on moving more into customer visits and winning pitches.

For purely telephone-based people, it is not necessary to live in the territory and working from home via our online call-centre with a degree of time flexibility is perfectly acceptable and the preferred option. This could suit a stay at home mum for example.

The services are not a hard sell because they are geared to drive more customers and increased revenue to our clients, nevertheless there is always the challenge of getting that initial meeting with the right person when they are already busy.  That is where telephone sales  experience comes in.

Once that barrier has been crossed, we usually arrange a second chat, either by phone, conference call or a visit to fact-find and really understand the customer’s challenges and exactly what our clients are hoping to achieve.
Finally we work with our technical and marketing people to come up with a super solution, prepare a really strong pitch and go visit them to close the deal.

The Opportunity
For someone interested in this field there is a chance to learn all of this process, via online training and on-the-job coaching, gain valuable recognised certificates and become a senior member of the team or even a partner in the longer term.

The pay
Pay is by way of basic salary plus commission. We negotiate this to suit each individual and their specific needs, but our general preference is to pay very substantial ongoing renewal commission and a small pay guarantee to remove any worries about a bad month.
After six months you can expect to be earning at least £3000 per month and by the end of year two you should be earning as   £85k p.a or more if you decide to progress further.

The company

NV8v is a professional partnership operating globally with a base in Birmingham. It is made up of senior partners who merged their businesses to create a full-service agency. Nv8v is small but growing,  actively seeking new partners and offering employees an opportunity to work towards joining the firm once they have achieved their initial goals and proven their value.

What next

Initially we would like to see a CV with a cover letter and then we will be arranging interviews in the coming weeks.