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About us, our principles, beliefs and behaviours

Return On Investment (ROI) is not complicated when it comes to Search Engine Marketing. (SEM) You have three steps to achieve and it doesn't have to be in this order;  

You’ll enjoy working with us if . . .

  1. You believe that budget constraint is important, but right is even more important.
  2. Everything you say to the customer has to add up to a consistent overall message.
  3. Overall cost of customer acquisition trumps short-termism.
  4. Your web site is your ears, you nose and you soul as well as your mouth.

Our beliefs

  1. Traffic is vanity, customers are sanity
  2. Relationships and trust are your most valuable assets
  3. Good enough is not quite good enough most of the time
  4. Todays cool will be tomorrow’s flares, we have to keep learning

      Our promise to you

      1. We will never advise the wrong thing because it is profitable for us.
      2. Everything we do for you is tailored for your needs.
      3. We will never stoop to official or formal communication styles.
      4. Well tell it as it is even if we don’t like it.