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What you get with our Commercial Local SEO Package

First of all after running an automated audit of your site we then break everything down in detail to find out what works and where the weaknesses are.
One all the problems are found and tasks asigned to fix them, then we get down to the more strategic aspects.
We do a comprehensive proven programme of work to tick all the boxes for google, Bing and the many other Local Players and finally we build a strong layer of links through content placement and other methods that have proven themselves especially potent in 2019. Last of all we apply a little secret sauce to acelerate ranking. If for any reason this does not prove enough to get you where you want to be, e.g competiton responding aggressively, then we help you find an ideal package of further measures to achieve your goals. For many, just one month is more than enough.  

What you get . . .

  1. Keyword targeting: 5 keywords.
  2. Urls targeted: 1.
  3. Detailed Site Analysis.
  4. Competitive Analysis.
  5. Keyword Research & Analysis.
  6. Initial Rank Report.
  7. Broken Link Check .
  8. Google Penalty Check.
  9. Mobile Usability Issue Checking.
  10. On Page Optimizations.
  11. Page One guarantees offered: No
  12. Initial Status report: Only if there are significant problems.
  13. Customise this package to exactly what you want: Yes as long as it makes good sense.

Set up

  1. Set up fees: None
  2. Google Webmaster Setup : Yes.
  3. Data Markup//Rich Snippets: Yes
  4. Open Graph Markup: Yes
  5. Structured Data Markup : Yes
  6. Advanced Schema.Org: Yes
  7. Knowledge Graph Markup : Yes
  8. Authorship Mark Up: Yes
  9. Organization, Review or Product Mark Up: Yes

      On Page Issues Analysis and Fix

      1. Search Friendly Urls: Yes.
      2. Canonical Optimization: Yes.
      3. Robots text changes: Yes.
      4. Htaccess issues: Yes.
      5. Sitemap Configuration: Yes
      6. Add schema.org markup: Yes.
      7. Broken Link issues: We will inform you if there are significant issues.
      8. Content Optimisation: We will make recommendations.
      9. Title and Meta, Keyword and Header tags: Yes.
      10. In and Outbound links Optimisation: Yes.
      11. hCard Integration: Yes.

      Site speed optimisation

      1. Load time: Yes.
      2. Speed Optimisation: Yes.
      3. Enable compression: Yes.
      4. Minify JavaScript & CSS files: Yes.
      5. Improve server response time: Yes.
      6. Use Content distribution networks : Yes if available.
      7. Optimize Images : Yes.

      Mobile Optimisation

      1. Responsive design: No, but if the site performs poorly for mobile we will encourage you to take a different approach.
      2. AMP: No
      3. Mobile setup: No
      4. Review or product Markup: This is avaiolable as an extra, but not everyone needs it.

      Local SEO

      1. Manual Citation Building Locally: Yes.
      2. Local Search Optimisation: Yes
      3. Google My Business Setup, Verification & Optimisation: Yes
      4. Bing Places Optimisation: Yes
      5. Apple Maps Optimisation: Yes
      6. Yelp Listing Creation: Yes
      7. Yellow Pages Creation: Yes
      8. Foursquare Listing Creation: Yes
      9. Data Aggregators: Yes
      10. Top 50 Citation: Yes 30
      11. Targeted Business Listings: Yes
      12. Hyper local Citations: Yes
      13. Niches Citations: Yes

      Social Media Optimisation

      1. Facebook: Yes.
      2. Facebook Business Profile : Yes
      3. Facebook Timeline Design : Yes
      4. Facebook Fan Page Creation: Yes
      5. Facebook Places Optimization: Yes
      6. Links Submission on Facebook Business page : Yes
      7. Connect with Twitter: Yes
      8. Twitter: Yes
      9. Twitter Account: Yes
      10. Twitter Business Profile: Yes
      11. Links submission on Twitter: Yes
      12. Connect with Twitter feed: Yes
      13. Connect with Twitter: Yes
      14. Connect with Twitter: Yes
      15. Pinterest: Yes
      16. Profile & Boards Creation : Yes
      17. Pinterest Optimisation: Yes
      18. Pin Website, Youtube & Other Social Accounts : Yes
      19. Connect with Twitter & Facebook: Yes
      20. LinkedIn: Yes
      21. LinkedIn Business Page Creation: Yes
      22. Connect with Other Social Accounts: Yes
      23. Foursquare: Yes
      24. Foursquare Setup: Yes
      25. Connect with Other Social Accounts: Yes

      Content Marketing (can extend to monthly)

      1. Social Media Aggregator:Yes 2
      2. Web 2.0 Creation:Yes 10
      3. HD Video Creation & Submission:Yes
      4. HD Video Creation:Yes 15.
      5. HD Video Submission:Yes 15
      6. Power Point Slide Creation & Submission: Yes 5
      7. Power Point Slide Creation: Yes 5
      8. Power Point Slide Submission: Yes 5
      9. PDF Creation & Submission: Yes 5
      10. PDF Creation: Yes 5
      11. PDF Submission: Yes 10
      12. Photo sharing sites: Yes 5
      13. Photo Creation & Submission: Yes 5
      14. Photo Creation: Yes 5
      15. Photo Submission: Yes 10
      16. Infographic Creation & Submission: Yes 5
      17. Infographic Creation: Yes 5
      18. Infographic Submission: Yes 10
      19. Audio Creation & Submission: Yes 5
      20. Audio Creation: Yes 2
      21. Audio Submission: Yes 10

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