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For your customers, for SEO, for your brand.

Don't underestimate the impact that review sites and social media chatter are having on your business.

Wait until it is urgent and it may be too late.

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Want to really move the needle online?

Protect your brand with ORM

A good record of reviews and a clean reputation can increase conversions 800% Customers are scared to click buy because they don't know you, that's easy to fix.

If you find out about damaging gossip because sales are down or a customer tells you, that can be a mountain to climb. Don't put it off.

A managed reputation won't just keep trouble away, it will skyrocket your click throughs and conversions and Google will send you a lot more free search traffic too.

The full system costs only £80 per month and can be easily integrated with ecommerce and CRM systems if desired.   If you prefer to customise your approach, then tell us your goals, and about your customers and how they search. Now we will work with you on a plan for getting you from A to B. Start with a free trial

Questions and Answers

We provide both, but our core product is a system to support you in doing this job yourself or training a staff member. The best way todeside is to speak with one of our staff.

There are many steps you can take. If you are hiring us for a service we will advise you, or if you are using our system, then there are tools for responding and making things look better as well as finding more strong reviews or comments quickly to counterbalance.

Yes, the system provides a special landing page you can customsie and include in your site and it also provides a widget you can paste into a web page to get your reviews form Google and other sites.

All key social media sites plus a number of named other sites are monitored and you will be informed almost immediately when certain things such as your name or product are mentioned. Some people use it to generate leads.

Ut is very simple ad comes with a sueful guide. You can also phobe our support when you are setting up your account details. Managing reputation is very easy, the skill lies in reacting inteligently to negative comment and encouraging positive comments. You can use our mail and other templates out of the box if you prefer or ideally customise them to suit your needs.

All existing and new customers areput in a mailing list which asks them how they felt about you and their purchase. If they dont respond they are snt a reminder after a few weeks (you can alter all of this) When they make positive noises, we automatically aske them if they mind sharing these thoughts on a review site. You need to be aware that somereview sites will penalise you if you offer incentives.

What others are saying

We have worked with a few agencies and had mixed experiences. Our Google account was in a mess and everything a bit disconnected. They did a great job starting almost from nothing again and building a solid flow of good revenue. We feel much more in control now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Flori Busu

Good company to work with. Strong communication with no bs and they are marketers rather than SEO types, we like that. We get a good joined-up strategy instead of what we had before.
— Greg Pani

Early days, but they are very easy to work with and we have a solid strategy in place. I feel very confident.
— Augustina Lore

It’s a big achievement to have turned this around in such a short space of time – the technical, procurement and project management challenges have been significant.
The successful launch points to some great collaboration and hard work across multiple teams – well done.
- Aaron Scullion

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