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What does your Adwords audit consist of?

Adwords audit funnel Save 8 hours and £500 plus in costs.  

Each week’s performance is displayed

You can compare performance by device and adjust our bidding accordingly Adwords audit performance by device targeted  

Find and eliminate budget los easily

Know how much you spent on underperforming keywords and estimate the losses. Use this to improve your negative keywords list and spend the budget on the highest performing searches.   Adwords keyword erformance audit chart  

Quality score

The Quality Score section of the report includes the average Quality Score of your ads. This score is vital to managing your costs. By improving it you can improve your advert rankings and lower your advertising costs.   Adwords audit quality score  

Optimise your adverts

Once you know which ads are working best for you and how well they perform, you now have the insight you need about which styles, headlines, pictures and other elements attract your target customers and you can test this further if you wish and use it optimise your existing ads and to build and test better versions.   Adwords audit ad performance chart  

Time slots optimisation

The time slots analyses will allow you to optimise your campaigns and increase the number of conversions your adverts have. Instead of having a flat CPC throughout the day, now you can increase the maximum amount you are willing to spend for a click exactly when the conversion rate is higher and decrease it when no one is buying   adwords audit conversion optimisation chart  

Shopping performance

Discover your best converting brands and utilise this info to increase your sales. The audit will let you know which brands should be promoted more and which ones should be advertised less or excluded from campaigns.   Adwords audit Google shopping chart  

Shopping: Best performing products

The ABC Analysis is a good to analyse performance by batches of products. Usually, in AdWords accounts, 20% of the products are generating 80% of the total revenue. The ABC analysis categorises your products in three different groups according to their costs and generated revenue.   Adwords audit Analysis by product chart

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  • Do my campaign follow important AdWords best practices?
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