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We speak daily to people who are burning tens of thousands on advertising and marketing with no idea why it is not delivering for them.
A strategy stage at the beginning plus occasional reviews would not only reduce the cost dramtically but drive more and better enquiries.

A good plan keeps you on track and avoids a lot of indecision and time wasting in any endeavour, but a plan can not be reliably made for very far into the future other than as a guideline. The simple reason is that unknowns become known and knowns change. That is the world we operate in.

Digital marketing is exposed to explosive changes almost weekly.

If you want your team to work together as one and take important decisions quickly and effectively, then you must invest in developing the strategies that will guide your decisions when the expected does not happen, things go wrong or surprises emerge.

Developing strategy is based on understanding your own strengths as well as the risks and opportunities inherent in your market in order that you can pick and dictate, where you will play and why you will win.

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To develop strategy effectively in the digital world requires a deep and strategic understanding of the digital world from both business and technical viewpoints in order to distinguish between the negotiable and the immovable and to choose the best opportunities at any given time.

Having said the above, the process is straightforward and should not be dragged out for too long or too large an expense run up.
Developing strategy up front is an insurance policy.  

What others are saying

We have worked with a few agencies and had mixed experiences. Our Google account was in a mess and everything a bit disconnected. They did a great job starting almost from nothing again and building a solid flow of good revenue. We feel much more in control now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Flori Busu

Wood company to work with. Strong communication with no bs and they are marketers rather than SEO types, we like that. We get a good joined-up strategy instead of what we had before.
— Greg Pani

Early days, but they are very easy to work with and we have a solid strategy in place. I feel very confident.
— Augustina Lore

It’s a big achievement to have turned this around in such a short space of time – the technical, procurement and project management challenges have been significant.
The successful launch points to some great collaboration and hard work across multiple teams – well done.
- Aaron Scullion

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