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Partnerig with NV8v

Get More Out and  Put More Back without trying any harder.

NV8v offers CMOs, Small businesses, SMEs and selected UK marketers  a unique opportunity to get more from your marketing or if  a marketer, from your career while at the same time giving more to your clients.
The NV8v partnering programme is designed 100% to fit in the classic win/win, a concept we marketers are all closely aligned to.

NV8v is strictly Digital, so if you are not engaged in Digital, or selling your offerings via digital, then we do apologise for interrupting your day.

What is the aim of NV8v partnering programme?

For end-users, it is aimed at changing the way that larger companies think about Digital Marketing, SEO and conversion rates by providing an always-on outsource, in source, or strategic solution to fill gaps in capacity,  in experience, or in skill set.

CMOs love this way of working because they can look at their capacity in one place whether in-house or outsourced, manage it from one place and even run very similar costs short-term and highly competitive costs longer term on the outsourced portion.

The biggest bonus for most is having the capability right now to just get on with plans.

For smaller businesses without an in-house team, the partnering programme allows them to do DIY Digital marketing without paying the big penalties.
You will have access as and when you need it to mentors, strategy coaching, great value services and tools to help you do a professional job without committing to huge expenditures.
See some of the Offerings available to Partners

DIY Digital Marketing

The strategy summarised

NV8v partners turns the whole concept of partnering on its head.
The business model is simple: make the pie much bigger then divide it up fairly.

If you are a consultant or freelancer, or a software vendor.

You get much more exposure to new clients and the opportunity to specialise without the long lay-offs and big expenditure on client acquisition.
For small operators, running your own Client Acquisition capability is just too much on top of serving clients and the scale makes it impractical. Partnering with NV8v will solve those problems of slow periods.
Once you prove yourself you will have an opportunity to become a Senior Partner holding equity and sitting at the top table.

For growing  consultancies the cost of a client acquisition programme is too high as a result of scale and eats into profits, while being sub-optimal.
Partnering with NV8v will keep your client acquisition costs down and allow you to focus on what you do best, helping your clients. You will never have to worry about another partner stealing away your clients, but rather the opposite.

If you are an end user:

You get access to a team instead of a single freelancer. It’s not just about different people for different specialisms, its also about combined wisdom to help with the strategy. The NV8v NED panel is always available to your NV8v consultant when he is on assignment with you. She is never alone and never tempted to have a go at the stuff she’s not so sure about. When you partner with NV8v the discounts accrue from regular usage, because as you develop the partnership with us by re-engaging or renewing contracts, we apply discounts to reflect our reduced Customer Acquisition Costs.

How does Nv8v benefit?

Few jobs in digital need just one skill and the best people are often focused entirely on a single skill area. NV8v is able to generate leads from this situation on a day to day basis as part of delivering a quality service and use them to support our many partners waiting for their next assignment. Everybody wins. The end user gets a specialist every time instead of a single freelancer, but can elect to talk to only one if that is preferred, the Freelancers get a steady stream of appropriate work and we get our Customer Acquisition problem solved though partnering rather than a growing cost through traditional channels.

How you can engage?

If you run a business other than marketing,or you are a CMO or Responsible for Marketing there are two things you could make contact right now to let us know about the real problems you need to solve that we may not be offering help with. This way we will make every attempt to refer you to someone we feel is trustworthy to help you and give you any advice we are geared up to offer. Usually we can be confident that we are able to offer a solution to your problem.

  1. We are keen always to understand better the needs of small and medium sized businesses and leaders of medium to large departments who require outside help, so we will pay in kind for any insight and experience we can access in this manner.

2. If you are a Digital specialist with something to offer us, please get in touch for a chat,
 call Edward on 0844 884 2310 or download a guide


2. If you are a Digital specialist with something to offer us, please get in touch for a chat,
 call Edward on 0844 884 2310


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