Sales executive with experience of Digital marketing, PPC or SEO sales

About us

We are a small growing agency with an old established clientele for large digital transformations and currently building an agency focused on the SME marketplace.
We produced more than 800 leads in the Midlands region last month and more than half were never even called because we didn’t have the staff.
There are currently big opportunities  for people who happen to fit these roles.

The person we need

We need an experienced person who has closed this type of leads before to work form home in their own time apart from the occasions when clients require an unavoidable meeting time
To be good you need to have a trustworthy personality and sufficient understanding of the industry to listen to their needs, ask the right questions and then discuss a solution with our technical team that you can take back to them. You can have techncial support on visits as required.

Some clients you will visit and present to in the boardroom, some you will close over the phone, this will be your call as long as you maintain healthy conversion rates.

What’s in it for you

Earnings realistically in the region of £30-120k p.a though you probably won’t hit the top rate in year one.


The upside of this role is that you have a lot of freedom and you are part of a team of independent  people who control their own workday, set their own plans and apart form the dictates of an occasional lead glut, plan their own schedules too. Between repeat income and sales commissions, you will enjoy a very substantial income and can work towards becoming a partner whereby you effectively run your own business within ours and build your own team.  If you are familiar with how much people earn selling these services and you are aware of the typical commission structures and deals in the industry, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised if you get to the point of talking money. Please be aware though that we are not hiring fast talking money hungry sales reps. The money is good, but you are expected to be a professional who actually fits the consultant role by personality and attitude, takes care of the client and develops your knowledge and skills. We will provide plenty of opportunities to grow professionally if you come on board.

Initially we would like to see a CV with a cover letter and then we will be arranging interviews in the coming weeks.