Marketing Snapshot Report

An awful lot more than a convenient snapshot. In depth analysis of all activity from Reviews, to Social media, Listings, SEO and site performance. It’s all there.

Your first snapshot report is free.

Why settle for a single viewpoint when auditing your digital Marketing performance?
SEO Audits are everywhere, PPC audits are becoming more popular and if you look hard enough, you will find a Facebook audit.

The NV8v Digital Marketing Audit will give you a 360 degree view of your marketing performance online

With the NV8v Digital Marketing Snapshot report will give you an immediate scorecard on all your digital activity and show you how you are doing at:
Local search, Listings and Citations and reviews,

it will show you all your Social activity and who is saying what about you your business and its employees,

website speed and quality as the customer and google see it,

SEO performance in your key search niches

Digital advertising performance on Google, Bing, Facebook.

What is really powerful is that it doesn’t just tell you about your activity, it gives you a detailed competitor analysis on each point so you can easily see how you compare with your key competitors and immediately identify the steps needed to get ahead of them and maintain your competitive position.

This snapshot is a best of breed report suited to senior managers responsible for Digital performance.

Regular clients and partners will receive a monthly snapshot free of charge.


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