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 Pay Per Click Advertising and other Search Engine Marketing is challenged every day to deliver in the face of historic advertising overload.  Globally, economies are struggling to keep consuming at a rate fast enough to sustain growth, without which the grotesque financial system will implode. Life is tough if you’re responsible for driving new business , but there is still plenty of leeway, read on . .

Your business and our business too, needs new customers like our bodies need water. That’s not avoidable.
Not only that , we can rarely afford to spend more than 25% of our revenue on advertising if we are to also pay the staff and keep the lights on, not to mention delivering the product or service.
For many industries that would be far too high. This is the challenge we tackle every day in the face of competitors willing to bid as much as 50% of the expected revenue. Some niches, such as Cloud businesses (SaaS etc), are doing their calculations on the basis of CLV (Customer Lifetime value), others are taking into account their near free Organic and their offline sales, but plenty are just flying by the seat of their pants oblivious to their error.

Are you disappointed with the performance of your advertising campaigns and wanting to do better?
Would you like a discreet review and a proposal for optimising returns on your advertising?

Are you ready to make a start with PPC advertising on Google or Social Media Platforms and not sure where to start?
Are you nervous about losing a lot of money with nothing to show for it?

The mathematics are not that challenging, yet few in the world of SEM, PPC and Digital Marketing seem able to get even close to understanding the basic calculations. Just by way of an example: Today I read an article by a well self-publicised expert in Digital Marketing from a top 10 agency who in the course of lauding the power of PPC claims that every dollar spent on SEM brings back 2 dollars in revenue. In fact those figures originate in a Google document. He actually thinks that’s good and he even blunders again when he says you “Make a dollar” for each dollar you spend. Imagine if you are one of his clients paying top dollar for his services?
This sort of business innocence and mathematical shortcoming is exactly why the most common response from a CEO when you ask how he is doing online is;  ” Well we have a growing audience, but it doesn’t seem to show on the bottom line“.  You bet it doesn’t, or at least not the way you were lead to expect.  A useful rule of thumb is that you ought not be spending more than 25% of the selling price of a product if you are hoping for a profit, and not all industries could afford that, yet it is not uncommon at all for a marketer to bid 50% and more, if indeed he is even aware of the underlying maths. Ok there is testing and there are sometimes strategic reasons, but that’s different.

Generating revenue requires that you provide your visitor everything she needs to confidently make an enquiry or add to a shopping cart and after that you have to generate enough trust and sufficient urgency that she buys with confidence. Read this piece by our Conversion team for a more detailed discussion

With the right tools and approach, testing any concept in Digital advertising can be done with as little as a few hundred pounds budget. Sometimes pilots  are profitable and often break even. The arguments are compelling.
Download How to do a pilot

Unless you do something about it, your web visitors will be a pointless graph you see every month, sent over by the Digital Marketing or SEO guys with a note that visitors have increased again.

The past decade has made it a lot easier for a skilled person to get the data needed into one place in a state whereby we can gain real insights from it. Remember I never said it was easy, just a whole lot easier than it was.

You will struggle in the modern era to get face-to-face with a group of customers and get realistic insights from them, though you should try, but you must always have two viewpoints to compare for the sake of sanity. For example I frequently look at logs of what users did just before interviewing them, or reading their report on the experience and end up bewildered by the disparities. Don’t believe everything you are told, not by customers and not by data either, discretion is your responsibility in 2019.

There are many fine suites of tools out there, some of them free and they will help you gain the insight you need. You can set goals for your users to let them reveal their emotions and reactions while they browse your site and you can then make updates to your personas and improve your insight until you really understand your users and know exactly how to communicate with them and motivate them.
Google Goals and Google events are very powerful tools to help you in your goal, they can be used beyond the website to add further events and all of this data can be viewed alongside data from your CRM or log files and other sources to get the depth of insight you need. Thee are many tools we and others can help you with, the key is getting them in place and using them.

At NV8v we use our own Opensource tool to achieve all the power of the paid Google tools or Hubspot tools and it is free and comes with optional install and configure and optional support packages that are very affordable. This service has not been officially launched yet so call us on 0844 884 2310 of you would like an early peek

Data analysis

A detailed discussion on the usage of data analytics, collection and presentation tools is beyond our scope here, but please click the button on the appropriate box below and we will be glad to discuss this with you and provide you pointers.


Impact of conversion rates

4% Conversion£87.42£2622.60
6% Conversion£131.13£3933.90
Increased Profit£43.71£1311.30

Above is a very simple example of the impact of conversion rate on Sales and profits. Making a 2% improvement at each of 3 nodes in a conversion funnel delivers 8% higher conversion rates. Imagine the table above jumping from 4 to 12% conversion rates while costs remain fixed. * The above represents a low margin business model

Our Search Engine Marketing Services

Fit for purpose Data Analytics and reporting. 

All relevant data needed to manage by ROI or Profitability  acquired, cleaned and transformed as needed and available in a single central location with key KPIs and views available instantly in a dashboard and/or presented at intervals.

Events, Goals and Conversion Funnels

Google Tag Manager configured and tags in place to record the key events in a user journey pinpointing the weaknesses and supporting a/b and multivariate testing to maximise conversion rates and profitability.


 Research and Strategy

Initial customer and keyword research with an ongoing review process and a strong overall Adwords Strategy keyed into the overall marketing strategy and the overall Business Strategy. New measures to monitor or uncover further information as appropriate plus a regular review and update process. 


about low to no risk Pilot campaigns

Well research your market and competition and devise a simple campaign just big enough to give you real reliable answers about:

  • How many customers per week?
  • How much cost per customer?
  • How much improvement we can make?


Managed advertising campaign

Campaign focused keyword research.
Continuous testing and new advertising copy.
Budget management.
Competitive strategy. Anti-fraud.
Continuous research and strategy as the environment changes.
ROI based strategy with detailed reporting and consultation.
Conversion rate Optimization

What are the benefits of auditing your Adwords account?

We will analyse in detail your adverts, keywords, account structure, Negative words, performance statistics and much more.
We will compare your performance against benchmarks to help appraise it and we will find and highlight areas of wastage, leakage, losses through fraud and missed opportunities where they arise. No matter how good you may be, everyone needs a second opinion,=. This is a free service, It’s not an expensive strategic review, but it is the best of it’s class in the industry. At worst you receive a pat on the back and well done, at best you spot something that had slipped by unnoticed costing you revenue.      Click the green button above on the right.

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