Social Media Advertising

Social media usage

On average, people around the world spend two hours and 15 minutes every day on social media. Advertisers spend £50 billion on engaging them and this is set to double over 5 years. Yes it’s a bonanza for some.

35 percent of women and 22 percent of men identify social media as the most relevant channel for advertising

Sixty-two percent of Facebook advertisers described their ads as missing the target and providing poor-quality leads or low conversion rates.
You need to get your strategy right if you are to cash in.

Download a Free guide to Social Marketing 

Thinking of starting out with Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin advertising?

The best thing about Social Media Platforms is their micro-targeting capabilities. For example, it’s not just the data Facebook offers you for targeting, but the data available to Facebook algorithms and how it can use that data once it has had a little time to understand your goals and your target market. Getting this benefit is all about setting up your account right to help it along. Each has a uniquely different audience too. E.g. Linkedin is the place to find senior executives during work hours. Instagram is growing fast as a business platform.

The NV8v Pilot Campaign is an innovation designed specifically for you.

 It offers anyone the chance to test their business idea, or a new product in a proven and effective way while remaining within a strict predefined budget and without wasting a large amount of expensive learning time.
Specific tools and techniques are designed to test things in the optimum order and tell you what is likely to work and whether you have a viable proposition.  Download How to run a Pilot Campaign


Learn about running a low risk pilot and get a free quote, you will be pleasantly surprised

Struggling to get the engagement you had hoped for?

Assuming that your proposition is suited to the platform, not every one is, then it is usually straightforward with the right tools to isolate where the process is ailing and find a good working solution. Generally Social Media is good for engagement, but tougher to drive buyers.
People didn’t normally go on Social Media to buy something, nevertheless your advert caught their attention, possibly because they are researching and want to know what others think. it is usually a matter of revising the engagement strategy and optimising though trial and error.
We have the experience to devise winning strategies and we have developed tools to test tens or even hundreds of approaches and squeeze the maximum returns out of your campaigns. 

Plenty of engagement but no revenue?

Engagement won’t help very much unless you are geared up to continue the conversation and help them make that purchase at their pace.  Many of these customer journeys continue across a number of channels with Social Media providing only part of the needs. You will usually need a strategy to combine channels and get them working together to maintain the engagement if you are to optimise returns.
Yes, you can target people with an urgent need and get the sale right away. E.g.  You can tell Sarah that a few hundred yards away your restaurant has a special on her favourite lunch item and give her a voucher.
Generally, you will do better if you are able to engage and provide a source of advice and interesting content, make the potential customer feel at ease with you and then offer a reason to act now.
We can provide the strategies and the tools to help you refine your strategy, optimise your adverts and to plan a successful engagement.

Keys to success with Social Advertising.

  • Advertise to very small precise segments.
  • Generate leads/followers, engage with them and gradually convert them. Save up to 90%.
  • Avoid blue on Facebook, you need to stand out.
  • Generate a lot of advert versions and test exhaustively to expose the winners.
  • Gradual improvement is key, not perfection.
  • A perfect landing page, again through testing
  • Use re-marketing as well as email campaigns to engage and mix up your channels.
    Download a Free guide to Social Marketing 

Above is the social screen from our snapshot marketing needs assessment that arms digital managers with insights into a business’s online marketing performance. These insights highlight gaps in your marketing and make for powerful starting points to generate winning new strategies or improve current strategy. 


The Digital Marketing Snapshot Audit gives you a holistc view of what is working and what to improve across all your online activities.

About costs

Snapshot report covering your entire marketing activity is free for the first report and £60.00 each thereafter.

Pilot campaigns require a minimum advertising spend which varies according to your niche, we will work it out once we know more about your business and competitors. Often it can be as little as £200.  In addition our fee is a minimum of £180 to set up up your campaign and write adverts and t monitor it, make adjustments and report back to you. We don’t charge you for management until your campaign has moved into profitability. We will send you full details with our quote.  Once your campaign is profitable we charge 10% of the monthly spend or £100 whichever is bigger. 

Re structuring campaigns for better performance will be quoted according to the work required. Strategy people and copywriters are charged at £82.00 per hour and technical experts at £48.00 as a basis for our charges, but once set up successfully, and even beforehand, a lot of key work is automated. Detailed reporting will be provided on a monthly basis and we operate an open door for partners to discus their plans or ask questions

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