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Get a free Audit to see just how well your social media activity is doing.

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The facts you need to know about Social media.

Social Media provides a lot of exposure for lower cost than any other media and when used intelligently it can be a very profitable channel. It can just as easily eat into your time for very little return. Let our team help you.

  • Get a free Snapshot Report and see how your social strategy is serving you and what to change.
  • Set up a posting strategy and let us take care of it. You still agree the strategy and preview the content while we do the hard work.
  •  Build a following to engage with new posts or to ask for feedback or reviews.
  • Engage your website visitors with Social Media adverts and start winning their trust. 
  • Call us when you are the victim of a bad comment or review that needs to go away fast.
  • Get your WordPress or other site fully automated to handle Social Media, 
There is a perfect strategy for every business and every situation, book a free consultation and let us propose a solution that delivers for you

Social Media contributes strongly at three key points in your customer journey

Customer journey social media

We can help you with:  Social Media strategy, Social media advertising, remarketing and monitoring and Social Posting Services, handling embarrassing online situations.

On average, people around the world spend two hours and 15 minutes every day on social media. 

35 percent of women and 22 percent of men identify social media as the most relevant channel for marketing yet the majority use it wrong, invest far too much time and freely admit to getting no return for their efforts.

Sixty-two percent of Facebook advertisers described their ads as missing the target and providing poor-quality leads or low conversion rates and have only likes to show for it.

Grab a free snapshot report  and see what needs improvement, then plan your attack.

You need to get your strategy right if you are to cash in. 
Download a Free guide to Social Marketing 

AI BOT Alphie

Let Alphie, our AI system design or improve your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, target the right audiences, handle post boosting, remarketing and all the stuff you need to tip the balance for success.

Alphie doesn’t eat much so we charge only 7.5% per month with a minimum £65.00.
The only extras are creating a new campaign or agreed extra tasks, but monthly maintenance covers most other improvements and routine management including regular reporting and being available for regular chats.
The full range of services available includes:
Market, Product and Segment research and strategy development. UX design, Persona development, Ad writing and testing, Landing page design and testing and naturally all the usual tasks like keyword research, Bid strategy, Anti-fraud, List building, designing Automated Mail Campaigns etc. Only use the services you need.

Thinking of starting out with Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin advertising?

The best thing about Social Media Platforms is their micro-targeting capabilities. For example, it’s not just the data Facebook offers you for targeting, but the data available to Facebook algorithms and how it can use that data once it has had a little time to understand your goals and your target market. Getting this benefit is all about setting up your account right to help it along. Each has a uniquely different audience too. E.g. Linkedin is the place to find senior executives during work hours. Instagram is growing fast as a business platform.

The NV8v Pilot Campaign is an innovation designed specifically for you.

 It offers anyone the chance to test their business idea, or a new product in a proven and effective way while remaining within a strict predefined budget and without wasting a large amount of expensive learning time.
Specific tools and techniques are designed to test things in the optimum order and tell you what is likely to work and whether you have a viable proposition.  Download How to run a Pilot Campaign


Keys to success with Social Marketing and Advertising.

  • Advertise to very small precise segments.
  • Generate leads/followers, engage with them and gradually convert them. Save up to 90%.
  • Avoid blue on Facebook, you need to stand out.
  • Generate a lot of advert versions and test exhaustively to expose the winners.
  • Gradual improvement is key, not perfection.
  • A perfect landing page, again through testing
  • Use re-marketing as well as email campaigns to engage and mix up your channels.
    Download a Free guide to Social Marketing 

Above is the social screen from our snapshot marketing needs assessment that arms digital managers with insights into a business’s online marketing performance. These insights highlight gaps in your marketing and make for powerful starting points to generate winning new strategies or improve current strategy. 


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