Social Posting Service

Blog writing service for small businesses and SMEs

The toughest thing for most of us is to steal some time form a stressful schedule and suddenly write a blog post that will appeal to our customers, not to mention self-editing. Not only is it hard to blog consistently, it is fraught with dangers and if you condier it an economy, you really need to think about what else you might be doing with that time.

Boost brand awareness and generate buzz for your brand with weekly social posting!

Get in touch with NV8v, we have professional writers in UK, all over Europe and in Canada for the Canadian and US markets, all are specialists in their particular fields and ready to take this responsibility off your hands.
For a small fee you get regular consistent posts 2 per month on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They are written, then edited by a second person and posted to the platforms.
You can access them, change them, add to them or even delete them if you feel like doing so. They belong to you.
You can email us at any time with suggestions about subject matter you would like covered. We try to make it as easy a possible for you to stay current and in the mins of your customers.


Our Content Team  will create a calendar consisting of two posts per week a month ahead of posting so you can always be aware of and happy with the content and publish dates.
As a rule, we balance promotional posts — such as deals or coupons with non commercial content of interest found online to keep your customers engaged.
This service includes creating a page for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

It’s like having a writer on the staff, but less expensive and more flexible. You can always ask for other work at the same very reasonable rates as and when you need it.

  • Increase brand awareness and provide a steady stream of content consisting of two professionally written posts each week to  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Improve the likelihood of leads converting; posts to social media  can generate buzz among your best customers resulting in more people seeing your message. It is also algorithm friendly.
  • Nurture relationships between your local business and your customers. Social posts can deliver important messages.
  • A monthly call or email with your content writer,allows you to take part in organising a calendar of  the content to include in the 8 posts in the coming month and the timing of these posts.
    Download free guide to Social Marketing

You can always extend your activity at any time

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