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How to get more leads.

To make your conversion funnel work, you need to begin with a sensible strategy in place so you can learn about what your customers respond to and how to help them along the purchase journey.
This knowledge in turn supports you and enables you to provide just the right content, tools and services to answer their questions and to see the opportunity you are offering them.
Of course you also need to understand your market, have the very best competitive product or service and be a trustworthy reputable business.
The commonest mistake I see everywhere there is a problem is, defining a visitor as a lead and expecting Sales people to call them and miraculously convert them into customers. 

The role of lead generation is to meet a large crowd in  a likely spot and qualify them out so you are left with very likely buyers, then hand these to a pro who knows her stuff. That way you have happy customers and happy sales-force. The sad fact about spam is that it misunderstands, or ignore this most basic fundamental.

Conversion funnel
Conversion funnels simplify the complex
Insight is everything, but it must be factual, not artifical guesswork

Get marketing right enough that it matters

Digital Strategy based on the right data. Decisions based on the right strategy.  Content and targeting based on the right decisions. Strategically sound offerings
Maps like these on the left need to be based not on hunches, but solid data.
When you reach true empathy not only do products sell themselves, they invent themselves too.
The art of strategy is to measure thrice and cut once.
All of this data can be collected with good analytics carefully planned and combined with sensible qualitative consultations. Some of the best “Qual” I ever did was eavesdropping the customer service call centre. It doesn’t always have to be technical or expensive or demand academic rigour.

Re-Marketing pays dividends

As you probably know, we humans make very few decisions based on logic, even as business people. People browse your store for all kinds of reason, but when they buy, it is because they happen to be in a mood to buy, that might mean they are happy, or they need cheering up, you never know, they have the cash available and they happened to be looking at an object of their desires. This probably explains why we only sell to such a small percentage even when we are market leaders.

Someone who has already gazed longingly at your offering is much more likely to purchase next time when the missing ingredient is in place. The odds suggest she is 2-25 times more likely to buy than a cold prospect.  There are many more strong reasons why re-marketing works, it should be a part of most marketing plans.


Conversion strategy review

NV8v can provide you a new viewpoint. An external view with no baggage and no preconceived ideas, but backed by almost two decades of Digital marketing
We have access the best people to contribute vital input from Website technology to User Experience, Information Architecture and of course Digital Marketing Strategy.

We can then offer focused interventions to help in specific areas where you may be lacking manpower or experience to achieve your goals. Just click below and indicate which are you are interested in. We will give provide free advice and we won’t spam you.