Using Socialcamp for online sales

Social media is the most important channel for many sellers in 2020 but it requires a unique approach.

targeting has always been the key to selling and Social Media tools like Socialcamp give you unique possibilities to find warm audiences and to keep ahead of your competitors


  1. Target audiences like you wouldn’t have believed possible
  2. Build personas their own mothers would be proud of.
    For our purposes, this refers to how you want people who already are aware of your brand to perceive you in the marketplace in terms of an impression or a way to remember you when they hear a sound, see picture, etc.
  3. Speak to them in their language at their best time
    This is a very simple thing for most businesses and super important. When it comes time to call you, add your product to a cart or accept your call, they need to trust you as a reliable business.
  4. Manage product description, social media posts, blogs, reviews and every content  related to your sales process in a single place.
  5.  Use bots to help prospects qualify themselves into the pipeline

Efficiently generating leads and getting carts completed

Targeting is the thing that sets Facebook in particular apart.
Potential customers tell Facebook implicitly about many of their interests, not to mention life events. Then they implicitly give away a lot more information through likes and engagement, Not only that they will frequently tell you in a status or post that they have just been hacked off by their supplier and want a better deal.
All of this is out there waiting to be exploited via both advertising and posts, but there’s a lot to know and without tools you just wont keep up.
If you sell homes wouldn’t you like to target people who announced that they are moving soon, or if you do weddings, how about people who announced their forthcoming wedding plans.
Once they have made contact,  you can follow up and encourage them through a more advanced step in your funnel with a different ad or a post aimed at people who showed interest and are in transit.

People who visited tour site via SEO or maybe a Google ad might want to check you out on Social media, see our reviews and look for gossip. it can all be done once you know how.

Got a database or catalogue of products? How would you like to generate adverts automatically and show your products to people with an expressed interest in those products.

Collecting lead information via Messenger

If you drive engagement with your Facebook page, you can engage via a messenger bot and easily capture a lead without the resistance associated with web forms. You can also run adverts that drive them directly to messenger. there are many more options.

Sales Bots are fairly straightforward to set up and they can handle all the early work, taking away as much as 60% of the work and only passing that customer through when there is no simple answer.

Reviews are critical when ti comes time to ask for a commitment. Even people inside stores trying on clothes are also looking it up in social media and they are desperate for reassurance . Socialcamp can help you manage these reviews and stay on top of your reputation.


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