Search engine optimisation Birmingham

Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

Search Engine Opitmisation Birmingham

For Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham firms with a global footprint often sought their SEO services in California or New York City, who in turn outsourced 80% of their work to Bangalore.
All that has changed now. First of all the US is no longer a source of cheapish skills. Dollars cost us more especially in UKP and salaries in the tech sector have shot up in the US.

In addition to this, changes to the Google algorithms mean that achieving rankings now requires much more attention to on-page things especially content and the drudge of indiscriminate link building that has been the backbone of SEO in the past decade is greatly reduced in importance. In fact some say it is not only useless, but possibly dangerous.

UK based firms with their outlets in the UK and chains such as Tesco, on the other hand are now seeing themselves as local businesses with each chain store competing in its local market as a local business and achieving much more in this manner. Using GMB Google My Business correctly and managing an ongoing programme of enlightened Local SEO and Local promotion has proved a life saver for many especially in the uber competitive supermarket sector.

Launching a global business is location agnostic as indeed it always was. Saas and Paas offerings for example obey no boundaries respect all languages and accept all currencies. The challenge of Global multilingual marketing via the internet is a very large and complex one and not for the faint-hearted. I would definitely not recommend wandering into this area unprepared, far better to hire professionals with the know-how and global partners to be able to do it correctly.

My personal experiences at Jaguar Land Rover a decade back were enlightening  and educating at the very least and without a handful of exceptional global partners handling everything from copy writing to CDN delivery I would have been buried under complexity very quickly.

So what should a British Firm do when selecting a new SEO supplier?

  1. Understand your own business model and make sure that a potential supplier understands where your customers are and what they are hoping to find, this way there is a good chance that they will identify the correct approach
  2. Look in the UK first, but don’t be afraid to look abroad if you are not happy with what you are hearing, borders are no issue when it comes to technology.
  3. Demand a proposal that measures real outcomes you can put in the bank and spend.
  4. Demand realistic estimated timescales and a solid risk log. If it looks at all over optimistic, run away and start again.
  5. Insist on an overall digital marketing strategy to also look at SEM and Social media and other options rather than a narrow focus on SEO, rankings and visitors.
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