Using Socialcamp to support existing customers.

customer service

Just over a third (33.7%) of consumers tell friends and family about the experience afterward either in person, via email or on the phone. While more people (36.7%) share their good experiences in this way, it is arguably the negative experiences that people keep talking about.

  1. Providing support and information faster and at lower cost
    In social media terms some people; most notably, Facebook Marketing, refer to it as reach. What we are talking about is just making as many people as possible aware at some level that you exist and the business you are in.
  2. Helping them upgrade their product and find supporting products.
    For our purposes, this refers to how you want people who already are aware of your brand to perceive you in the marketplace in terms of an impression or a way to remember you when they hear a sound, see picture, etc.
  3. Encouraging happy customers to recommend friends
    This is  a very simple thing for most businesses and super important. When it comes time to call you, add your product to a cart or accept your call, they need to trust you as a reliable business.
  4. Engaging to understand their needs and deliver better products

Treating existing customers like old friends.

Surely, you have been there. They almost make love to you till you sign the bank mandate, then the phone is experiencing exceptionally long delays, they are not interested, who are you?

If you want to maintain a reputation, begin with your happy customers and make the others happy. Answering queries quickly is vital. Being there when they need you is everything. No amount of advertising will you a good reputation if your customers hate you and most customers hate most suppliers all over the world right now. C.X. is the opportunity of this century.
Socialcamp provides numerous ways to engage and help.
Stream tells you the moment you receive a comment form any social media channels, you can check and respond straight away without having to spend your day online.

Customer service Bots are fairly straightforward to set up and they can handle all the early work, taking away as much as 60% of the work and only passing that customer through when there is no simple answer.
Sales Bots are also very good at qualifying lead and saving you time.

Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn make great places to support your customers and give them a little extra value. Exclusive groups add a little more value and can be a product feature, but with Socialcamp, the time needed to manage them is no longer prohibitive.



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