Cornerstones (The foundational four tools)

Get the foundational four tools to ensure your business is up and running online.  £180.00 per month.

The killer combination for what your business needs to succeed.

Get insight into what the online community is saying about you—monitor customer reviews and get notifications whenever your business is mentioned on the web.
Schedule posts on multiple social channels and generate a following for your business, all from a single interface.
Finally, gather customer feedback and experiences to boost online star power and drive more business.

Social media is hard to do on your own. You need to come up with a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels, every single day.

We help by giving your business one place to stay social. Generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and communicate with your followers all from one place. Finally, a tool that makes managing social media simple.

  • Post everywhere from one place: Publish and schedule posts for all your social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Engage your followers: Connecting with your followers is simple. Respond to customers, share ready-to-post content, and build stronger social relationships with your followers.
  • Generate social leads: Discover new leads on Twitter and engage them with the click of a button!
  • Mobile-friendly: Use on any device, any time—this means you can post and respond in the moment, and never miss a beat.
How can social media help me generate leads?

Easy in fact! By setting up a list of custom searches, you will be able to  find customers in your area and start an conversation with them right there and then. Here are three  simple steps.

1. Find keywords and phrases that relate to your products or services. If you’re a plumber, try “tap leaking”.
2. Respond to the relevant search results by beginning a conversation or sending the person an offer. In emergencies,especially, but in many situations people with an urgent need are pleased to be found by a competent supplier.
3. Don’t forget to  get the order  and keep your end of the bargain.

The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing.

How does social media contribute to customer service?

Businesses are aware that customer service is important, but a lot of businesses fail to  form a specific strategy for managing online issues and building relationships via social media.

Recent surveys show that 89% of consumers have gone to a competitor after a poor customer service experience. It is really clear that the ability of a business to hear  complaints, listen and take action to provide solutions is critical to its success.
How do I build a social audiences?

90% of small businesses have a Facebook pages, but roughly a third of them have less than thirty fans? Building an engaged audience is often time consuming, and for many local businesses it’s the   why they stop maintaining their pages
.In order to create a following on social media, every post needs to have value for the audience . This means posting timely, relevant, and engaging content though not necessary large. Quality and frequency are more important. A schedule in a calendar is the perfet way to manage this when you have a busy life.

What are the key features?
  • Post calendar―Schedule posts using a convenient calendar view.
  • Mobile-friendly—You can work how you want and wherever you are.
  • Analytics—Rich statistics on your social posts and engagement
  • Lead finder—Configure  searches and locations to find and engage with your potential customers
  • Ready-to-post content library—Use your favourite RSS feeds to discover great content to use in your social media posting. You’ll learn quickly/
  • All-in-one composer—Make posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn from a single tool very quickly and easily
  • Direct Instagram scheduling―Plan Instagram posts in advance and then sit back as they are published automatically
  • GMB Posts supported―Promote your clients’ upcoming events, make special announcements, share timely offers and more
  • Configure notifications―Receive notifications on new leads, customer replies and other events so you don’t miss something important
  • Customer engagement―Get a birds eye view of all posts from customers  and respond to them in one place.
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