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There are several good reasons to seek an SEO review 


1. Many of our clients begin their journey towards web success by admitting defeat and looking for a review to tell them what is missing and maybe give them a hint or two. Unfortunately, no online automated review can do this job adequately because there are simply too many key factors and not all can be assessed via the internet as needed. That is why we adjusted our offering to add an element of Professional oversight and commentary from a human expert. This has the disadvantage of slowing down the response from minutes to occasionally a day, but it does mean that you get your hands on something a little more useful.

  1. Often, businesses become disenchanted with the performance of an SEO supplier and the earliest moves are to seek reviews from elsewhere and hopefully get an indication of whether what is being done with their investment is the right thing and that the low return is simply to be expected.
    Often times these clients are justified in their suspicions and it has come as a result of seeing others achieving much more, but sometimes it really is nothing more than a slight delay as a result of doing things the right way. We know about this because many of our current clients did this and later engaged us to help them achieve what they really want.
    Once again, I would caution against relying on an automated report alone for this sort of purpose, Marketing and SEO are not so easily understood and analysed and much of the necessary information will not be available either to the system or the peer reviewer. I would strongly recommend that you level with us and tell us of you concerns and your goals. At the very least we can save you making a big mistake. Unfortunately, such a question can sometimes only be answered after a few hours at least of consultation based on the reports and analysis by a senior person and we would be forced to charge for his /her time, but this is better than making another mistake to confound your perceived first error.
  2. Many are struggling along with a DIY approach and possibly placing too much pressure on inexperienced in-house staff such as marketers or developers. In this situation the report will certainly give a good indication of any issues and initial fixes required, but ideally the better approach would be to tell us about your problems and discuss an arrangement whereby we could help you get a strategy and plan right and support you with the bits you are not comfortable doing in house.

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