Premium Back links Outreach

  • Prestige back links are highly sought after because they have all the qualities of  super premium product.
    They are very scarce, only so many sites ca get into the top echelons, essentially one or two per category in most cases.
  • They are extremely valuable in terms of utility, i.e, one 100 DA backlink will have more positive  impact on your SEO than 5000 low DA quality links and 5 Premium links is at least 20 times more valuable than one premium back link.
  • Prestige back links deliver prestige and trust to your site  that cant be achieved in any other way, this is the ultimate recommendation.


What type of sites are considered premium?

Forbes, Microsoft, Huffington Post, BBC, recognised Universities and generally sites that carry prestige and trust within their niche.

These sites must be sought after, how can you get links?
The sites we reach out to is a very large list, but yes they are all very sought after. We have had a relationship for many years and they open our mails because w never suggest unsuitable or low quality content. Whether we get a link on any specific occasion is a matter of precisely what they are looking for at that time. They don’t simply give us a link because they like us. That’s why it takes so much work.

How long are these links guaranteed to last?
They are guaranteed for one year normally, if they should have to be destroyed for any reason within a year, we will find you a replacement link.

Will the links be contextual?

Yes te links we provide are always from a piece of content that discusses a topic similar to or in context with the concepts you are promoting on your site. Even if we didn’t, the website owners would insist on it.

How long does it take and does it ever fail?

It can usually be done even of it means having patience, but there is no guarantee about the time frames. Because we have a lot of contacts and considerable trust built up, we are confident that we will usually prevail, but if we were forced to admit defeat and we had not agreed otherwise with you in advance, we would refund any fees at that stage. Should you ask us for something extremely difficult then we would probably waive the refund policy before accepting your instruction, please call to discuss.


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