SEO Insight Package for the Small Business or DIY user.

Know you need back inks, but hate asking around? Need SEO tools and professional guidance?
On a tight budget?

A great combination of Professional Insights and guidance with real backlinks added monthly.
A high quality tool to help you make the improvements plus professional back link outreach from the NV8v team guaranteeing 20 new back links each months.  We used to sell this tool standalone, but 80% of customers said they hated reaching out for back links and their projects suffered as a result. Now we take this burden off your hands.

£73.00 Monthly.

Marketgoo is An easy-to-use SEO tool created for businesses just like you with a an input from professional SEO experts.
SEO Insight will automatically scan your website and generate a step-by-step SEO plan to help you increase website traffic and search rankings.
Understand the SEO actions you need to carry out to generate more business without the need for technical expertise or a dedicated marketing staff!
NV8v technical experts will add at least 20 back-links monthly  from suitable websites to help drive the extra Google ranking.

  • Improve and track the progress of your site’s traffic & search rankings from a single dashboard.  Get an easy, step-by-step plan with instructions on how to optimise your SEO improve your ranking and drive more visitors to  to your website.
  •  Track as many as twenty keywords and optimise your website for them
  •  Spy on up to four  of your competitors’ rankings, monitor them and their metrics and see how you compare—they’ll be blissfully unaware! This knowledge tells you exactly what you have to do to get ahead of them.
  •  Your site will be scanned each day or on click of a button to see if you’ve followed the plan correctly.
  • Gain 20 quality new back links every month via NV8v SEO team

I don’t have time for SEO! What’s the time commitment with a tool like this?
We recommend you set aside time for SEO at least on a weekly basis. Allow a week or two to get acquainted with certain concepts but it is very achievable and this tool was created for users who are not SEO experts or even very technical.
How is your tool different from  other SEO tools available?

We are unique because we keep analysing and updating the advice based on both your progress and changes in Google Algorithms and revising our recommendations, providing simple explanations of SEO concepts aimed at non experts, and giving you dedicated customer support from real SEO consultants.
How long will i take to show results?

Time to see results varies for each site and niche, but is closely related to the amount of effort you invest into fixing problems and optimising your website and content.

We’ve had traffic increase  in just a month, but it’s more likely to take six months before you start making significant progress. The time it takes to lose those gains if you stop doing SEO is actually longer than the delay to begin seeing results. .
OK I’m signing up, what happens next?

Right after you sign-up up, NV8v will ask you a few questions about your site in order to customise your SEO plan. Then, you’ll go through 2 simple stages:
First: Get a clear grasp of your Site’s SEO issues – Results of your first scan will show on. your Dashboard.  There you’ll see your score and all the insights and metrics relating to your visitors, On Page SEO issues, other open issues, and rankings for your keywords and your competitors.
Next: You begin fixing the SEO issues our system highlighted and taking steps to improve your Rankings and increase Traffic.

Your custom SEO plan is based on these Insights and provides you easy, step-by-step instructions to help you fix the issues, and improve upon other parts of your site to improve your SEO.
Your site will be scanned daily and you can check anytime to see if the changes you made have been executed correctly.

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