What is a funnel?

Conversion funnel

On a good day an experienced person could make a small tweak and double revenue overnight. This I have seen more than once, but more often it is  a gradual thing with improvements beginning fairly soon and then growing steadily


ATTRACT                             CONVERT                        CONVINCE                        BUILD URGENCY




Above are four very simplified steps that in one form or anther are crucial to every converting journey in store, on your website, or anywhere else. Online there is no eye contact and no personal interaction, things which the bulk of buyers instinctively use to help with their decisions. This is why online selling requires even more effort.


Ever had to escape that over zealous salesman who thinks he is amazing, we all have and only their mothers want to buy from them. It’s not about volume of information its about accuracy and timeliness and above all it’s about trust. Lots of common sense exists and all of it is useful, but it also requires legitimate testing and consulting to perfect the process.

Only when you have a good combination of asking the customer what they did and why and analysing what they actually did, often its different to what they say they di, will you be able to really get under the skin of the product and the customer segment and start to achieve top results.

Testing too can be dangerous if the samples are too small. Every amateur statistician and plenty of pros too are willing to wade into a rive with  an average depth of two feet only to sink out of sight. The reason we have averages is because distributions randomly wander quite a bit without explanation, that means you must not assume that the results of a short test are representative any more than the depth of the river right in front of you today.

Furthermore, testing single items without looking at the process as a whole is pointless because several element often play together in unexpected ways. You have to have common-sense hypotheses and rigorous testing routines or you will at best go around in circles wasting an awful lot of time.

Finally, it is important to understand how all the channels play together and fully understand the role each plays in the conversion journey.


Creating conversion funnels, setting the observation and measurement points and then gradually discovering and validating which approach works best cant be done without specialist equipment and specialist knowledge, thought it can and should be learned by anyone serious about eCommerce


We can get you up and running with a strategy and a tool set and while refining your conversion funnels we can teach your team how to do this themselves.

Conversion funnels


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