Five Advanced tips for Facebook Advertising

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  1. Before you start advertising add Facebook’s pixel for website custom audiences to your website.
    1. You can get the code from Facebook’s “Audience Manager” by clicking on “Create Audience -> Website Traffic” and then selecting “View Pixel Code”:
    2. Insert this code in each page of your website. This will allow you to create website custom audiences enabling you to target (or avoid) users who have visited your site already.

People who already visited your site are more likely to convert so this retargeting is usually beneficial, but people who already converted are an obvious one to avoid so you don’t pay twice and people who went to the landing page but didn’t convert have a very high conversion rate when retargeted.
We usually greet them as old friends and start back where we left off to hopefully complete the journey and convert them.


  1. If using a website landing page to convert visitors, then make sure that your thank-you page is continuation of the conversation. Use to cement the relationship a little more and maybe to offer other similar downloads etc. Don’t show an empty “Thank you” page, it smacks of “Hah, Got you!”
  2. As with any advertising platform, think of it as a relationship with the user which may result in a business relationship, now or in the future and in dong that you should do two important things:
    1. Respect the user who responded to your advertising and don’t start trying to hard sell them,but do interact.
    2. Engage them in a conversation aimed to help them decide whether they should go another way, do nothing, or become your customer. A great way to do this is email drip campaigns.
      Design the campaign on the basis of your user personas ad the user journeys you have developed form your research so far.
    3. Your drip campaign can ask questions by giving the user opposing options to visit pages or download assets and once they trust you to do this, their action are answering your questions.
    4. By the time a user decides to purchase from you they have already benefited from our expertise and developed a degree of trust. Especially if you provide services, but in all cases, this is a very powerful way to begin your relationship.
  3. Invest time and money if necessary, in your adverts, this is where the rubber hits the road.
    1. A picture of a real person, not a cartoon can double the response rate for that advert.
    2. Avoid blue on Facebook if you want to be noticed.
    3. The most influential emotion in a purchase decision is? Fear. Hence the Freemium models and of course the Free (Facebook).
      1. Ultimately we pay far more in an indirect way because we are able to avoid the fear of taking that decision and losing.
      2. Make it easy, use Social proofs or guarantees in your advert, examine your proposition what could you do to alleviate this fear.
    4. Include a descriptive Call To Action that removes the unknown, reduces fear and motivates action.
  4. Create at least 60 combinations of every advert. Emotion addressed, picture, headline, CTA, ad text. The ideal, with a little testing of your audience targeting thrown in and just 3 versions of each, would approach 800 versions of the advert and although even more would probably be better, this is utterly impossible without a testing tool and indeed might be better achieved by an approach other than simple a/b testing. The key here is that you can never know in advance what will work, nor will things that work today always work, so a strong testing strategy with good tools, is critical.
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