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Previously: we talked about the Seven Dwarfs of effective websites.

This is by far the biggest and most expensive challenge and the one that floors most new businesses. People will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid making a cold request, driving an unfortunate audience up the walls with kindness in the event that they might be upset.

To get a small list large enough to make one sale requires a substantial number of “contacts” i.e. “Hello, here I am”. F or even a low cost non-complex sale, the numbers of leaflets, flyers or letters would be at least several thousand and these methods assume some degree of targeting.

With Paid web advertising it is a heck of a lot more, probably as many as 10 or even 20,000 impressions depending on the niche. You are not paying for impressions of course, only those who click through (CPC) and of those you may need anything form 5 to 25 depending on the niche and how you handle the other dwarfs in the family such as qualifying and presenting a proposition and so-forth.
The key to doing PPC well is top quality research and the skills to exclude groups and search phrases that have a low probability of actually wanting to buy from you.

If you are in need of quicker results and want to give paid advertising a go then you may find this Pilot Campaign process useful or you may be a little more advanced and in need of a fresh look at how your campaigns are running and how they might improve

With Organic you will need a lot of visitors in order for sufficient number to be of the right geography and some of them to have the right intent. We could be talking 20-50,000 visitors depending on where they come from and many other factors.

To gain reasonable quality organic visitors, you first need to build some Domain Authority ( don’t get hung up on different KPIs from different people they are similar enough)  by gaining a good number of medium quality links from non spammy sites plus attentions on social media plus certain things that convince Google you are a genuine business and a little bit of luck in the early stages.
On rare occasions you will see some significant movement in 4 or 5 months but it can take 7 months to a year to start looking anything like significant in terms of commercial looking numbers.  None of this will drive much by way of useful convertible traffic, but it puts you in a position to start gaining strong links form highly respected domains in Niches that stand a chance of sending qualified traffic your way.

E.G. You are a marketer, if you get links form an SEO firm, that will probably drive strong qualified visitors that are likely to show an interest. Now you are on the floor at least and dancing.
If you are starting out or going back to basics and might enjoy some help, take a quick look at these packages designed specifically for firms just like yours.

Once you build a few subscribers in your database from those who showed interest but didn’t qualify yet to be included in the sales process, you can run very successful email campaigns that build your knowledge of the potential client and their knowledge of your organisation and generate steady new enquiries from that source as a sort of bonus. It’s surprising how quickly your database can grow if you are regularly attracting and qualifying visitors and those who are writing a thesis today may be spending millions the year after next.

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