How should I handle good and bad reviews?

manage customer reviews

People are reading them more reviews than ever.
85% of consumers say they read online reviews for local businesses. Almost 70% of people read six reviews or less.
These figures suggest strongly that recent reviews are key and local reviews will get more attention.
1. Always respond immediatly to bad reviews because much of the online conversation is currently “Dark”, people deliberately cover their interest by emailing a screenshot to someone rather than publicly linking, retweeting etc and even if it does not seem so the damage can be multiplying outside of your control. The biggest problem is misunderstanding that can make a slight problem seem like a big problem.

  1. If possible, take the issue offline and talk directly to the customer. In person is ideal, phone is next best and so-forth. Be ready to take a hit in order to solve the issue because the cost to you could be significant.

Once you have resolved the problem get agreement to posting and explanation online alongside of the review so that it is defused.

If you can’t take it offline, then set out to look helpful and reasonable, explore genuinely to let readers see how it happened and then swiftly put things right. Doing this can turn a negative into a positive for your business. In fact, I have known PR pros at big brands to stage this whole scenario.

  1. Its also a good idea to respond to positive reviews if only to thank them and provided you are confident that they won’t have any objection you can occasionally re-post a review to tell your social followers about how proud you are of receiving this review.

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