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Local Search UK is still different from Local Search in the US. Google has been slower to roll out outside of US, but nevertheless, there is a healthy and rapidly growing demand for Local SEO services in the UK driven by an army of phone users using local search and google maps and searching for the nearest restaurant, bar, garage, dentist, law firm, Builder, Emergency Plumber or whatever.

If you are a local business, you may have been feeling left out as the stories of digital transformation mostly went right past you, unless of course you were a taxi owner or rented videos.

Google Local Search

All that has been changing rapidly in the past year or two since Google introduced its local businesses section. You will surely have noticed the map section showing up to five businesses located near to where you are and accompanied by small advert similar to a paid listing. If the businesses are sufficiently well reviewed and liked, then there will up to five starts on show to make your choice even easier and you can easily read the reviews left by previous customers.

Well you may be interested to know that more than 60% of people using this search end up buying and of them 90% make contact within 24 hours.

This is more like the business world we were used to; real customers, real adverts and real revenue and no delay.

If you have invested in a website for your local business you will no doubt have been bitterly disappointing by the lack of interest and especially the lack of visitors converting to customers. Well not any more.

These visitors are all just down the road and all looking to buy right now.

Like all good things, it is tricky to set it up right and needs moderate ongoing management, but it is much simpler than standard or Organic SEO and delivers the goods. If you would like to get your business at the top of the pile in your local area, then we have just the right approach whether you are  a beginner or you’ve been battling with the Global market.

We can show substantial headway in 1 to 3 months and make you self-sufficient in 3 months of that is your aim.

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