Should I write for Google or people? Is there a solution?

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First of all, you need to accept that if you dd your keyword research right, then these are the people out there who might do business with you and hence, it is how they think that matters.
If you are selling homes and you discover that people search for “cheap Gaf” and that makes up 80% of the potential market for you online, then you have some soul searching to do. Read this blog for some insights  How should I choose keywords
The bottom line is that you need t decide whether this is purely semantic and they really want the best home they can get but they just talk this way, or they are really looking for a home, you don’t keep on your books. If the latter is the answer, you may need to consider opening a new section and you will need to think long and hard about your brand voice and persona and the impacts on this.

Ultimately, it is critical that your brand is recognisable online in social media and in SERP and people can recommend your business or choose your business with confidence about who you are, what you represent, your capability, integrity and what you are like to deal with. Where does my Online Brand come from Once you are happy about what product or service it is that you are providing and who the target audience is, you need to focus your energies on targeting that audience directly, using their vocabulary, at least to address and attract them initially and directly addressing their needs ad concerns.
In a Social world, people will know a lot about you and you are duty bound to know a lot about them. Scanning social media and reviews and really engage with each customer who contacts you or leaves a review or comment will keep you up to date on who they are and what they think of you ad the marketplace providing you are operating with eyes and ears activated and mouth in lazy mode.

So who do I write for and how do I deal with it.
Begin with your best guess and then monitor and test. Write for the persona you perceive as being behind that big percentage of potential visitors and though engagement develop the persona in depth. If it begins to look schizophrenic, consider splitting it into two segments with two personas and then create a second page so that you one for each persona.
Always write your content for the persona ad change the content afterwards. At NV8v, we call this “round trip Journalism”.
Once you have attracted a reader with a picture and a headline that reflects the terms they used in their search, you then can introduce professional terms and move a little form the more vernacular vocabulary, but I would suggest retaining the spirit of your persona and if in doubt create opportunities to grow your research and keep your persona factual and research driven at all times.

If you need to boost a page for SEO purposes, you can achieve a lot by writing blog posts containing a good density of the same keyword optimised for SEO and pointing these at the page as well as promoting them on Social media and the repeating this exercise with outreach posts on high authority websites form the same field or industry,
Never, ever, write junk prose just to impress Google, because that will drive away your potential customer and defeat the objec

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