SEO is working why do PPC?

If your website and proposition are able to drive good revenue via SEO, then there is a powerful chance that you can drive significantly more traffic and revenue from an intelligently managed PPC campaign.

PPC is working why do SEO?

Not only are all those organic enquiries costing you  a lot less than paid visitors from PPC campaigns, but they are substantially reducing the cost of your paid for traffic.

2019 why s this year critical for SEO

You need Google Ranking, Reputation, Local presence, Social scores, a convincing website a great deal and a very easy to use conversion funnel. Not much really, but not one scrap of that can be omitted or messed up.

What is different about Local SEO?

If your business relies and local customers finding your premises or service, then LOCAL SEO is by far the most important thing for you and it might just still be possible to dominate Local before everyone catches on.