What is different about Local SEO?

If your business relies and local customers finding your premises or service, then LOCAL SEO is by far the most important thing for you
and it might just still be possible to dominate Local before everyone catches on.
Because in the US SEO people have already been gaming Google to get an advantage, there are now strict rules about how you can get listed and what it takes to gain the coveted top 3 rankings. Nevertheless, we have been able to drive a local business to position one within a week on more than one occasion.
Local SEO can have significant impact on your revenues not least because:

  • 60% of all local searches result in a purchase.
  • 85% of local searches result in a same day phone call or visit.
  • Dominating Local is probably 5000 times more feasible than domination a global or country ranking

When a travelling businessman in Manchester decides to stay overnight, he uses his phone to ask a company in California to recommend the best value hotel. If you own a hotel in Manchester you are not going to make it by painting a bigger louder sign or placing an advert in Yellow pages.
people are using their phones to look for restaurants, dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Garages, Builders, Plumbers, White goods, hairdressers, nobody reads a directory any more and every expects a good answer from their phone. If you are listed and especially if you have a good local reputation, then you are in great position and you should be seeing a lot of revenue form this source