Using Socialcamp to improve brand awareness, visibility and perception.

Brand awareness

The Dictionary of Brand defines brand as “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization.”

  1. Increase brand visibility.
    In social media terms some people; most notably, Facebook Marketing, refer to it as reach. What we are talking about is just making as many people as possible aware at some level that you exist and the business you are in.
  2. Brand perception.
    For our purposes, this refers to how you want people who already are aware of your brand to perceive you in the marketplace in terms of an impression or a way to remember you when they hear a sound, see picture, etc.
  3. Trust in your Brand
    This is  a very simple thing for most businesses and super important. When it comes time to call you, add your product to a cart or accept your call, they need to trust you as a reliable business.

Increasing Brand viability

This is a constant goal of most successful businesses even when they are industry leaders. The more people who are aware of you as a brand in your marketplace, the better response yup will receive to communications, advertisements and of course sales efforts.
Facebook advertising, chosen well provides an excellent way to achieve tis at remarkably low cost. Socialcamp makes it easy to manage your Facebook Advertising campaigns without needing to constantly do battle with confusing interfaces. It gives you compete control over your budget.
Posting regularly and boosting popular posts drives strong awareness outside of your circle of followers as well as building engagement.
Posting widely and maintaining engagement across a wide number of platforms is critical, but very time consuming. Socialcamp helps you write and plan content then curate and promote it across numerous platforms with a single click saving vast amounts of time and money.

Simple competitions, polls and quizzes drive immense amounts of engagement and create that awareness and visibility.

Brand Perception

Associating with the right people, brands and causes is a hugely important aspect of modern Brand perception and Social Media is the perfect platform. Socialcamp will help you to create and manage groups with charitable or other key goals and interests, be seen contributing to your community and espousing the type of attitude that wins you admiration.

Planned engagement with a consistent voice is key to creating the right perception. Socialcamp can help you by supporting a workflow that gets your media planned in advance for a t least a month with a sensible level of collaboration and editorial, yet without tying up a team of editors full time.


It is critical to keep seeking and receiving reviews on online platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, Trustpilot, etc
Socialcamp makes this very east with all the tools you need to see your reviews on one screen, get warning immediately of new reviews, respond where appropriate and of course, ask happy new customers to give you a nice review.

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