Why SEO will be especially critical in 2019

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The majority of businesses have been piling into SEM over the past few years and squeezing leads form it in increasingly more efficient, if yet not fully formed methods.

The result of this focus on SEM has been the driving upward of Bids with the results than many contested niches are now unprofitable or borderline.

In particular, businesses with a mature online strategy and strong usability will have a quality score that affords them yet more leverage to squeeze up their bids while using up their discounts. The inevitable result is many businesses unable to compete any more and others only hanging on by mixing their SEM strategy with others less expensive approaches. This is where SEO comes in.

The abuse of back link strategy though mass purchasing of back links and use of bots to spam Social networks and blogs has now been severely curtailed and the unfair advantage that drove honest businesses with decent websites away for organic search has suddenly sung strongly back in their favour.

Washington Post, WordPress,  BBC,  BMW, Mozilla, ebay, J.C Penny are just a few to suffer severe penalties and forced to make room for smaller guys at the top.

What all this means for businesses like yours is that a return to honest Organic SEO activity will once again drive benefits and not just that, if you pay attention to your quality score through good User centred design, the cost of your paid advertising will also come down,

If you are operating Europe (Geographically I mean)  and if you physical outlets such as shops or offices whee you can take calls and provide local services, you will now be perfectly poised to take full advantage of the raise in Local SEO and Google Map Pack. This is not an opportunity to be missed,

Don’t get me wrong, paid advertising is a big opportunity for many businesses not to mention its control-ability and instant results, especially when used by experienced online sellers, but the edge in 2019 is definitely on the side of those who are good at honest SEO


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